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Ritman University Raises Student Entrepreneurs  

Ritman University Centre for Entrepreneurship (RUCE) has enlisted students in its drive to boost innovation and creativity. RUCE was set up to enhance capacity of undergraduates to become wealth-creators, while also serving as a deliberate intervention organ for influencing the mindset of students regarding entrepreneurship.

Acting Director of RUCE, Dr. Godwin Essoh, disclosed that the centre will partner with corporate organizations, government agencies, NGOs as well as industrial stakeholders to enable students see industrialization in action and incubate businesses of their own. To this end, a student Entrepreneurship Club was inaugurated.

The Entrepreneurship Club on 12th October 2016 elected its first  student executive which included George Obot as President; Pearl Abasita, Vice President; and Queeneth Archibong as Secretary. Emmanuel Ndiok clinched the post of Welfare Secretary and Victoria Iheakwaba was chosen as Public Relations Officer. Others were Juliet Ekanem for Treasurer and Idongesit Ufot as Financial Secretary.

The election was held after an interactive meeting hosted for Ritman University students by the Directorate of Student Life.

Dr. Joseph Udondata, Head of the university’s English and Literary Studies Department charged students to use all resources available to acquire all the knowledge they can. He noted that what lecturers give out is only a drop in the ocean of boundless knowledge which students must draw from. He also challenged students to advance their ingenuity through healthy competition.

Prof. Ahaziah Umana who leads the university’s Directorate for Development and Advancement also charged students not to be afraid of asking difficult questions, but to probe deeply into phenomena through reading, re-reading and review. He stressed the need for undergraduates to plan their time well and build good interpersonal relationships.

Edidiong Esara 12/10/2016

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