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Vice Chancellor's Welcome Message


On March 5, 2015, National Universities Commission (NUC) granted a license to Ritman University to operate as private university number 58 in Nigeria. It is with pride, as the Premier Vice Chancellor of Ritman University (RU) that I welcome our future students and their parents.

RU’s motto, “Knowledge for Development,” speaks for the philosophy and the expected outcomes of the students who will graduate from RU. In 1796, Edward Jenner developed a method to infect people with the more benign virus so as to not catch the smallpox. The birth of a “good” virus was by pure serendipity. 

We call this Vaccination today, and millions of lives have been saved by “weak” viruses. Inspired by this spirit of discovery, RU defines her mission “To be a Liberal Arts, Science and

Technology university with emphasis on teaching, experiential learning, cutting-edge research, character building and investing relevant knowledge in community development”. We shall do so through interdisciplinary programmes and activities designed to impart valuable information to our students, who in turn will create impactful, verifiable, and measurable knowledge for solving our many societal problems. 


As in the case of a good virus, students who graduate from RU, and in general, any other persons who walk the ground of RU, hould be prepared to be infected with knowledge of intellectual and economic pedigrees with the ultimate goal and insatiable tastes to be entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators. As “charity begins at home”, RU prides herself as the African Entrepreneurial University where interdisciplinary knowledge converge to create tangible and intangible intellectual products.

At RU, we seek to recruit students who are ready to challenge themselves and willing to solve hard societal problems, either individually and/or as a team. With RU’s center of academic excellence and entrepreneurship, our students will have the opportunity to not only be infected with intellectual prowess through diverse use of teaching and learning tools, but will receive intellectual inoculations to boost their yet-to-be-developed entrepreneurship capacities.

As we take off with all scholarship and research activities at Ritman University, we know we are taking off with excellent students and proud parents on board. Fasten your seat belt as we take off because we are a comprehensive liberal art university that you have every reason to be proud of. At Ritman University, we are COMMUNITY ENGAGING & ENTREPRENEURIAL UNIVERSITY. Join us to engage, learn, and discover solutions to our daunting societal problems. Welcome aboard.

Professor Celestine A. Ntuen, FIlE

Distinguished University Professor
Premier Vice-Chancellor

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