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All Ritman University Courses Accredited by NUC

The National Universities Commission (NUC) has accredited all academic programmes of Ritman University, Ikot Ekpene. This endorsement came because the commission is satisfied with the quality of staff, equipment, infrastructure and academic standards at the university, located in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. In result sheets signed 17 January 2019 on behalf of the NUC Executive Secretary by Dr N. B. Saliu, Director of Accreditation, the three-year-old university had all its fourteen degree programmes accredited. The programmes include Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, English Language, History and International Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Political Science as well as Sociology.

The verdict came after thorough assessment of each programme’s philosophy and objectives, curriculum, admission requirements, academic regulations, course evaluation and staffing. NUC also inspected physical facilities, libraries and finance books before scoring RU high on all programmes. Accreditation inspection at RU lasted from 4 to 27 November 2018 with Professors from other states and NUC officials appraising documents as well as facilities and grilling RU staff to ascertain compliance with the commission’s Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS). NUC Team Heads speak on Ritman University performance: Prof Edward Omudu, Biology Teaching staff are adequate. Staff-student ratio complies with NUC guidelines. Staff mix by rank (is) consistent with NUC guidelines in 3 categories. Qualification of teaching staff is satisfactory. Laboratory facilities are adequate and meet provision of NUC space standards. Classrooms are adequate, furniture well-maintained. Laboratory equipment are adequate and functional. School environment is clean and well-maintained with adequate safety and sanitary gadgets. Journals and textbooks are of good quality, current and adequate in number. Library subscribes to current e-books and e-journals. Number of computers in E-Library is adequate. Prof Sunday Iyayi, Physics 71.4% of academic staff have Ph.D in Physics. This is commendable as a young university. There are two (Physics) laboratories and a dark room. All lab equipment needed for the programme are available. Classrooms are adequate. The environment is clean, safe and serene. Toilets and fire extinguishers are functional. E-library has access to databases. Prof Galadanci D. M, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management Academic regulations exist and are judiciously applied. Academic staff mix is in line with BMAS (Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards). There are 3 standard classrooms (for Industrial & Personnel Mgt.), with toilets and fire extinguishers. We found current e-journals and books. Prof Titiola Obilade, Mathematics/Computer Science RU has adequate library holdings with current books e-books and journals… Prof Chika Umar Aliyu, Economics Standard of tests and examinations are satisfactory, adequate and comprehensive. The department has computer lab for students with software for applications and estimations in Econometrics. Good software have been procured. There are adequate equipment and safety gadgets. Physical facilities are adequate. E-library has very efficient internet connectivity. Prof S. Sagagi, Management The suburban location of the university is appealing. E-library has good internet and intranet services… Prof Sani Abba Aliyu, English There is a functional, decently furnished and equipped language laboratory. There are computers and appropriate supporting software and applications. The academic environment is generally neat, well-kept and conducive for teaching and learning. There are subscriptions to adequate number of current e-books and fairly current e-journals. Prof Eddiefloyd Maduabuchi Igbo, Sociology Students rate the courses as both relevant and adequate. They have high positive evaluation for the course contents, learning materials, course delivery and physical facilities. Qualifications of the (Sociology) teaching staff are high, with 86.6% (6.5 out of 7.5) possessing the PhD degree. Teaching staff are competent. The programme has adequate number of classrooms/lecture halls with well-maintained chairs and tables that can seat all students enrolled in the programme. The university and the programme have an impressive outlay of e-learning infrastructure. The e-library has an adequate and current subscription to several databases with current e-books and e-journals. Staff and students are able to access these resources via library websites and the internet. The physical library holdings of books is adequate in number, of good quality and very current.

Edidiong Esara, 24/01/2019

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